What people say about Sophia:

Sophia masterfully facilitated the groups interaction. Her gentle yet powerful guiding created an atmosphere of safety and a feeling tone of love…………Thank you, Sophia for a heart opening experience! ………Karol Avalon, producer of the Oneness Cruise

Sophia’s teaching are the need of our times. She skillfully reminded us of the most important tools for our sustained happiness. The tools of deep listening, real communication, and feeding love over fear. I felt truly acknowledged.  Through her facilitation, I was guided to a deeper listening to the loving wisdom of my heart through my feelings and body sensations. If you want to be supported in stabilizing your heart’s guidance, Sophia’s presence and facilitation will get you well on your way to being your own best guru  ………David Leake, Meditation and Live Your Dream Workshop facilitator.

After a session with Sophia, I had a profound, dramatic shift in my energetic field. I felt lighter, calmer, centered and I felt a clearing away of old heavy dark energy and beliefs that no longer serve me. Her messages were affirming, and practical. I felt acknowledged for who I truly am. This one session has had a huge impact on my life and I have begun implementing many of the suggestions that were made.  I am filled with gratitude and appreciation ………Susan Jordan, Attorney

Sophia’s guidance has helped me to move from fear of letting go of my past to learning to trust my heart. She has taught me to listen to the messages I receive from my intuition and to live more fully in the moment. Letting go of control and being in the unknown is still very uncomfortable but I am learning to live in gratitude everyday and have faith in my higher power ………Rochelle Schwartz, Divorce Coach

Sophia is an exceptional leader. She embraces the unique combination of wisdom, gentleness and warrior-like precision. The sacred container created in the workshop allowed me access to my deep and profound connection to dolphins. I now have a new awareness about creating my next drumming for the dolphins journey. I am grateful to Sophia for being a gateway to the Divine. ………Marta Macbeth, Vision Coordinator for the Engelharts, Founders of Cafe Gratitude