Saying Goodbye

2011-07-15 21.06.46On April 5, I flew to Maui. My dearest closest beloved friend, Adrianna was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I got on a plane not knowing where I would stay or how long I was going to be there.  I packed a small overnight bag expecting to be there a few days.

Those few days turned out to be a month, almost to the day. When I arrived in Maui that afternoon, a friend Kitty picked me up. She was my guardian angel. We drove to the hospital and I was so glad to be with her. When we entered Adrianna’s room there were several people there, talking and sharing Adrianna’s stories. As she lay in the bed, Adrianna looked beautiful, radiant and happy.  As our eyes met, she gave me that amazing smile, we hugged and she told me how happy she was that I had come.

Kitty, my guardian angel knew that I hadn’t yet figured out where I would stay and she pulled me aside and told me to ask the visitors if they knew of a place I could stay for a few days. There was a young woman there, Tracey with her 2 year old son, Taveran, who Adrianna was going to live with and do some babysitting for a reduction of her rent. Kitty encouraged me to ask if I might stay there for a couple of days. Kitty lived very close by and could drive me to the hospital. Tracey agreed and the few days turned into weeks and I grew to love Tracey and Tav very deeply.

I went to the hospital everyday. Her sister Meryl and I were there from morning to night. Visitors came and I would leave and go downstairs to the chapel, or to the cafeteria or walk the beautiful labrynith that was in the outside garden.

Being with Adrianna for me had a beautiful magical quality. Over the past year, we spent a lot of wonderful time together. I went to Maui last March and we spent 3 glorious weeks together.  She loved Maui and we went to the beach almost everyday. She loved the ocean. She loved swimming in the waves and it was there that she felt so much peace and joy. We even shared an amazing retreat together at the BELOVE Farm. It was 5 days of healing, laughter, community, love and joy!!

When Adrianna would come to Northern California, we would get together.  She stayed with me in or I would stay with her at the Satori Winery. She was my souls sister, my soul mate, my spirit guide, my beloved friend. We recognized each other and we loved each other.

There was no other place I wanted to be but in the hospital with her. Her presence gave me peace and love. Her smile would light up the room. Her beauty shined through…she was truly a Goddess of beauty, light and love.

To be continued……………………………………………..





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