Reflections of 2013

circle pixWhat a year 2013 has been. As I reflect back it seems impossible to have had so many different experiences in a twelve month period. I traveled to Las Vegas, Austin, Maui, Florida and Atlanta. I moved physically from Novato to Sebastopol, California to Santa Rosa, California. I stayed for periods of time in Novato, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Florida. I visited friends, went to workshops, birthday parties, hospitals, funerals, and celebrated holidays with people that I love..

The year 2013 has helped me develop a deeper gratitude and love for life. I have experienced loss, change, growth and new beginnings. During this year, I have grown to appreciate the loved ones in my live, not to take anything for granted and to live fully in the present moment. My connection with my Divine has become stronger and my willingness to listen to the small voice within. My heart is full,

During 2013, I began to focus on creating my work in the world again. As I completed the trainings with Cafe Gratitude, I began to feel a stirring in my body and soul to be facilitating groups and leading workshops. This started to take form in the later months of the year. I felt a little unsure of my direction and focus and yet I followed my inspired actions to move myself forward and into a more public domain.

As I introduced my workshops, I discovered my passion rising for facilitating groups and seeing people opening to each other and sharing authentically their feelings and thoughts, their vulnerabilities and their dreams.

I see new possibilities in 2014…….I am opening again and again to being of service to the awakening of humanity on Planet Earth.  I willingly say yes to God and to serve without hesitation. I am an instrument of the Divine will in my life. I am blessed! Praise God.





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