Love is all there is

Passionate heartHow do I begin this love story?………..I guess I will tell it from the beginning.

Fifteen months ago, while taking a walk at sunset in the park I met a man who became the deepest love of my life. For three months we met and walked together…holding hands and listening to each other’s story. He told me about living in Colombia as a young boy and the cartels, drugs, murders and how he managed to escape that world and come to the United States.

At first and many times during those first 3 months, I resisted the feelings that were growing inside of me. I told myself he’s too young, and he’s from a world that I know nothing about.

Although our relationship would seem crazy to the outside world, our souls recognized each other. Our love and attraction intensified over time and I began to accept this gift of Love that God was giving to me.,

As the relationship grew more passionate and more intimate, I felt my heart open to a great healing of accepting and allowing love to fill my very being.

I learned to be with him in the moment without any promise of a future. Each meeting was totally fulfilling in the moment. It was our sacred time together without any conditions.

Expectations fell away easily and unconditional love blossomed. In the past some of his actions would have brought up anger and hurt. I can’t say that those feelings didn’t arise however what was more present was a total acceptance of who he is and an excitement to discover more of who he is.

I knew from the beginning of our relationship that we were brought together to learn from each other and there would be a time where we would say goodbye. That time came on February 18. In December, I received strong guidance that it was time for me to begin the letting go process. I accepted this and although it was tough to do, I felt in my heart this was right. He called me many times however we didn’t see each other. Then in February, I received a text from him telling me that he is moving back to Columbia and could he see me to say goodbye. Many feelings flooded through my awareness and at first I told him yes and then texted him back and said it would be too hard for me to see him and I wish him love and happiness. In the next moment, I texted him and said yes, I would see him.

We met and it felt much like it did in the very beginning. It was sweet, tender, loving and passionate. We spoke of the love we feel for each other and how grateful we are for knowing each other and sharing our lives together. When we said Goodbye it was like every other time we said goodbye, no promises, no expectations and total acceptance for what is.

He has taught me so much and now he is teaching me every day about loss and death. I cannot see him or feel him and I know he is here with me in my heart. My heart is filled with his love. I now have experienced with a deeper awareness that Love is all there is and when we love that person is in our hearts forever. I have a piece of him with me as I continue my journey into greater Love and Acceptance of what is.








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