Love and Acceptance

HeartSomeone once said that listening is the greatest gift of love you can give someone…….Listening  truly to another requires an open receptive heart. Quieting the inner chatter of the mind so what is being said can be received as a communication from another.

I have not had an easy time learning to listen. My mind was and sometimes now is looking to find a response to make the person feel better. I thought that was my job in life to help people feel better. Not that it isn’t a noble job however I have learned that being an empathetic listener is allowing a deeper connection to take place and a deeper healing to occur.

Recently I had an opportunity to experience this in a dramatic way.  My ex husband was hospitalized for several days and then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital to continue his recovery. My daughters and myself were frightened and helpless as we observed the complex medical procedures that were being administered.

Yet, as I tuned into my higher self, I could hear as I listened carefully to the small quiet voice within that was guiding me and strengthening me. I was able to speak to the nurses and the doctors in a voice that was new and unfamiliar. It was powerful and wise and yet compassionate and loving. Noone was more surprised than me for the way I was speaking and listening.

There were times when stress bubbled over and I remained calm, listening to the concerns and fear. I was able to hold the space of love without thinking I had to fix it and even make it better.

Accepting what is and being the space of love unconditionally, not resisting what is happening and being fully present to the moment, is a spiritual practice. I am learning that life brings gifts of awakening in many forms and the purpose of these situations is awakening in me a closer connection to the Divine. I know that my Divine Beloved is always with me in every situation from the most mundane to the most extraordinary and I am so grateful for this awareness and acceptance of what is and holding a space for unconditional love.





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