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While I was in Florida in November last year, I looked on Craig’s List to see what they posted for places to live in Sonoma County. I had said to myself many times that I wanted to live in the country yet close to everything a city offers.  What continued to be my desire was to live with people who were on a spiritual path.  To my surprise I saw a very cute cottage in Santa Rosa at a yoga meditation center. I called and spoke to the Director. I told her I wouldn’t be able to see it until I returned to California.

When I returned, I drove up and I wasn’t sure this would be the place. I heard my guidance say, you will know when you see it. The minute I walked in, I felt happy and knew this would be my new home. I met several of the people who lived in the community and I felt an immediate connection……….. sacred space. I have my solitude and I have friends that share similar values.  There is peace and harmony and a sincere caring for each other’s well being.

We are planting our spring garden and we have a compost that we use in our garden.  We share resources, meditate together, attend yoga classes in our meditation room and we have house community meetings.

Community is not always easy. When people live together, issues arise and sometimes wounds from the past are triggered. What makes a community work is the ability to see upsets as opportunity for healing. Instead of looking for blame or holding resentments, clearings happen, communication and support are given and a healing results. I have seen this process many times in my community. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real and demonstrating compassion and love for everyone and seeing beyond the pain and suffering to the wholeness and greatness of each being.

I am grateful for this experience and to know that all of us who live in this community have been brought together to do our healing work together and I praise God for leading me here.

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