peaceglow (2)I have been living in Fairfax for only a few weeks and each day I seem to love it more.
When I arrived at my new home that I am subleasing for 3 months, I was extremely disappointed that the house had not been cleaned up to my standards. I began to doubt my choice and questioned my intuition. I asked myself, What was I thinking and why did I choose to move here? As I was questioning, I heard a small voice inside my head that said, Clean it with Love and Compassion and know that you are doing service. At first I was not happy as I started to clean each room. But soon I began to experience it as a cleansing and a purification and I could feel a deep shifting of the energy. As I purified the house with incense and sage, the house slowly began to respond and I could feel a sense of appreciation as if these rooms were communicating with me and letting me know that there was a consciousness here and was changing. There has been a transformation into light, love, caring and appreciation.

I also inherited 2 cats when I agreed to move in. They are both very different male cats. Lovebug is a free spirit and has a definite mind of his own. He spends his time out and about on the property and I rarely see him. At first this bothered me as I had an agenda for him and expected him to come to the door a few times a day to check in and eat. Not at all what he had in mind so I let go and released my needs to recognize his need for freedom and for being true to his nature. On the other hand, Lion has a different nature and has become more of an indoor cat with brief adventures out. However he had a difficult time at first and cried alot. I talked to him and petted him and showed him that I would take good care of him and that I would be loving and kind to him.

We are now all three of us living in harmony. They get to be who they are and I also get to make my boundaries clear to them. We have created respect for one another and our needs are being met. We have a happy home!!!

I now know that this was the perfect place for me to live. My home is my sacred sanctuary. There is a deep sense of peace here and a stillness that allows me to deepen my spiritual practice. I am following my bliss by allowing my life to unfold naturally as I listen to spirit and to the whispers of my heart.

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