Endings and New Beginnings

61661_388389757928492_1636556263_nWhat an amazing year 2012 was! I lived in community, I lived in the forest, I traveled to Hawaii and Austin and Los Angeles. Completed the Leadership Program with Matthew and Terces of Cafe Gratitude, fell madly in love, made new friends, moved in with my daughter and grandkids, facilitated a workshop, and learned alot about myself. I even changed my name. It’s not legal yet, however my new name is Sophia Legend. That name came to me from Spirit and I happily accepted it.
2012 was a great year for my growth and spirituality.
2013 is taking off in a grand way………Many completions and endings and  a new beginning.
For several months, I have prayed and waited patiently to receive guidance on my work and my next steps. During a retreat called Resting and Revisioning at a Meditation Center near where I live, the vision of this next stage of my work revealed itself to me. I must say I felt honored, excited and scared. That happened at the end of December.

Also at the end of December, my love relationship ended. I have allowed myself to hold the love I feel for this man and at the same time knowing it was time to let go.  I experienced a deep sense of aloneness and powerful moments of wanting to be with him. It was difficult not to contact him but spirit encouraged me to let go.  As I felt the letting go happen, the intensity of the feelings began to lessen and I awoke to  feeling  inspired and motivated to begin my mission.

The clarity of my vision has given me the insight to begin the work I have so patiently been waiting for………I will begin facilitating my new workshops and continue assisting at the Cafe Gratitude events.  I am beginning to develop my new website for my work with individuals and another for my work with businesses who are aligned to a higher purpose.

I will be writing a book for children and teens with the principles for love, peace and harmony.

This is just the beginning………….the road ahead may not be easy as we work for change and transformation yet it is for me the way I choose to live my life………Making a Difference!

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