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The Dying Process

2013-05-04 12.14.10Being with Adrianna in her dying process was truly a profound gift. Everyday as I went to the hospital, I was greeted with a dedicated loving staff of nurses who helped me understand the current situation that Adrianna was experiencing. She had been receiving blood transfusions and they seemed to give her more energy. She had some very good days where she was super conscious and aware of everything that was happening around her.

On her good days, she would ask for her computer to write the book she dreamed of writing or with friends redecorate the hospital room with beautiful flowers and pictures that had a spiritual meaning to her.

Her room was a busy place with friends coming daily to kiss her, to tell her how much she meant to them, sharing funny stories of times together and tearful goodbyes.
As the disease progressed and her pain worsened, the doctors felt that the transfusions would be of little use. The nurses told me that she would have more difficult days ahead as she moved closer to her death.

Adrianna had a beautiful way of greeting me with a smile even when she had pain. Her pain was intense at times and she showed amazing bravery as she graciously told the nurses her pain level and as they administered heavier doses for relief. I don’t think she was ever totally free of pain however she dealt with it with great courage.

When I had been there for 3 weeks, I was feeling it as time to go home and made a plane reservation on April 27th. The morning I was going to tell her I was leaving, I received a call from her from her hospital bed. They had moved her from one room to another to be closer to the nurses station.

Her phone call was surprising to me as she had not been using the phone very much. Her voice was clear and strong, she told me that she was taken to a place that was so beautiful, she described seeing beautiful colors and she told me she was in a beautiful healing place and that they were going to help her be healed. Then she said, please don’t go home yet, I need you a little longer. I hadn’t told her of my plans. I said I would get dressed and come quickly to the hospital. When I arrived I got into bed with her and she again communicated to me how she was transported to a new healing environment where she felt safe and comforted and she knew she would go through a healing process and it was all good.

I immediately cancelled my flight and rebooked it for Tuesday, May 7, exactly one month of my arrival on April 7th.

The days that followed, Adrianna wanted only her closest people to be with her and she wanted to be held, massaged, spoken to softly and very little noise or activity.
On Saturday, May 4th, I packed a few things and took it with me to the hospital. My intention was to spend the night with her.

That day I knew her death was near. I was at the hospital with a few very close friends and we held her and prayed with her. When it was time to leave I told the nurse, I wanted to spend the night. He told me that she was weeks away from dying and it was best to go home and get a good nights rest and come to the hospital the next day. He reassured me she would be alright. I wanted to believe he was right but I knew it my heart he was wrong. I left the hospital with a friend and stayed at her house that night.

Early the next morning, we received a call from her friend, telling us that Adrianna had passed away peacefully in her sleep.

We rushed to the hospital where her closest friends gathered to sit in prayer and silence.

Adrianna died on May 5th. Her burial was on May7th at 10am. I flew home that afternoon. The timing was a miracle that I was there to say my final goodbye to her physical being and support her in making her transition into eternal life.

What a priviledge and honor to be with her at this most important time in her life. She gave me many gifts on our journey together and being with her in her final days was the most precious of all.

Adrianna is in my heart, her love fills me and she sends me little messages when she is with me in spirit. We are traveling together still, me in the physical world and she in the nonphysical. Our love grows in spirit and in our Divine connection.