I woke up this morning feeling very awake, aware and alive. Last night I watched a film about a young girl in her teens who was dying of leukemia. She was not only brave, she was wise and aware. In the movie, she was fully alive and lived her life fearlessly and in her truth of who she was until she dropped her body and traveled home to God. Watching her express herself to her parents, her brother, her friend and the boy she grew to love was inspiring.  She lived her truth with love and a great passion to be who she was.. In watching this movie, I connected to my own life and how would I act if I had a terminal disease.  Would I be brave and fearless in expressing my authenticity, my true self? Then I asked myself what stops me from being fully who I am now…………Living openly, fearlessly in my own truth. Sometimes I am like this young girl, living in who I really am.  Not being the person I was conditioned to be and then still I know there is so much more of my identity that calls out to be destroyed so … Continue reading AWAKE, AWARE AND ALIVE

Living In Community

While I was in Florida in November last year, I looked on Craig’s List to see what they posted for places to live in Sonoma County. I had said to myself many times that I wanted to live in the country yet close to everything a city offers.  What continued to be my desire was to live with people who were on a spiritual path.  To my surprise I saw a very cute cottage in Santa Rosa at a yoga meditation center. I called and spoke to the Director. I told her I wouldn’t be able to see it until I returned to California. When I returned, I drove up and I wasn’t sure this would be the place. I heard my guidance say, you will know when you see it. The minute I walked in, I felt happy and knew this would be my new home. I met several of the people who lived in the community and I felt an immediate connection……….. sacred space. I have my solitude and I have friends that share similar values.  There is peace and harmony and a sincere caring for each other’s well being. We are planting our spring garden and we have … Continue reading Living In Community

Accessing Your Greatness

   ACCESSING YOUR GREATNESS Greatness is not what you do, it’s who you are……… Greatness isn’t in your achievements, it’s in who you are being……….. Greatness doesn’t come from what you get, it comes from what you give………… Greatness is a discovery of who you are, your authentic self, your essential nature…………… Greatness is learning to let go and surrender to your higher self………… Greatness takes courage, patience, trust and faith in listening to your inner self……… Greatness is a journey of letting go and letting God guide your life………. Greatness is shifting from the ego, judgments and fear to acceptance and unconditional Love………… Greatness is asking, “What would Love do now” Greatness is keeping our hearts open in the most difficult situations………… Greatness is being vulnerable and humble in asking for help…………. Greatness is expressing gratitude, generosity, compassion, caring and love to ourselves and to others…….. Greatness is accepting what is……………that life is a gift and Love is all there is.

Reflections of 2013

What a year 2013 has been. As I reflect back it seems impossible to have had so many different experiences in a twelve month period. I traveled to Las Vegas, Austin, Maui, Florida and Atlanta. I moved physically from Novato to Sebastopol, California to Santa Rosa, California. I stayed for periods of time in Novato, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Florida. I visited friends, went to workshops, birthday parties, hospitals, funerals, and celebrated holidays with people that I love.. The year 2013 has helped me develop a deeper gratitude and love for life. I have experienced loss, change, growth and new beginnings. During this year, I have grown to appreciate the loved ones in my live, not to take anything for granted and to live fully in the present moment. My connection with my Divine has become stronger and my willingness to listen to the small voice within. My heart is full, During 2013, I began to focus on creating my work in the world again. As I completed the trainings with Cafe Gratitude, I began to feel a stirring in my body and soul to be facilitating groups and leading workshops. This started to take form in … Continue reading Reflections of 2013

The Dying Process

Being with Adrianna in her dying process was truly a profound gift. Everyday as I went to the hospital, I was greeted with a dedicated loving staff of nurses who helped me understand the current situation that Adrianna was experiencing. She had been receiving blood transfusions and they seemed to give her more energy. She had some very good days where she was super conscious and aware of everything that was happening around her. On her good days, she would ask for her computer to write the book she dreamed of writing or with friends redecorate the hospital room with beautiful flowers and pictures that had a spiritual meaning to her. Her room was a busy place with friends coming daily to kiss her, to tell her how much she meant to them, sharing funny stories of times together and tearful goodbyes. As the disease progressed and her pain worsened, the doctors felt that the transfusions would be of little use. The nurses told me that she would have more difficult days ahead as she moved closer to her death. Adrianna had a beautiful way of greeting me with a smile even when she had pain. Her pain was intense … Continue reading The Dying Process

Saying Goodbye

On April 5, I flew to Maui. My dearest closest beloved friend, Adrianna was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I got on a plane not knowing where I would stay or how long I was going to be there.  I packed a small overnight bag expecting to be there a few days. Those few days turned out to be a month, almost to the day. When I arrived in Maui that afternoon, a friend Kitty picked me up. She was my guardian angel. We drove to the hospital and I was so glad to be with her. When we entered Adrianna’s room there were several people there, talking and sharing Adrianna’s stories. As she lay in the bed, Adrianna looked beautiful, radiant and happy.  As our eyes met, she gave me that amazing smile, we hugged and she told me how happy she was that I had come. Kitty, my guardian angel knew that I hadn’t yet figured out where I would stay and she pulled me aside and told me to ask the visitors if they knew of a place I could stay for a few days. There was a young woman there, Tracey with her 2 year old son, … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Love and Acceptance

Someone once said that listening is the greatest gift of love you can give someone…….Listening  truly to another requires an open receptive heart. Quieting the inner chatter of the mind so what is being said can be received as a communication from another. I have not had an easy time learning to listen. My mind was and sometimes now is looking to find a response to make the person feel better. I thought that was my job in life to help people feel better. Not that it isn’t a noble job however I have learned that being an empathetic listener is allowing a deeper connection to take place and a deeper healing to occur. Recently I had an opportunity to experience this in a dramatic way.  My ex husband was hospitalized for several days and then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital to continue his recovery. My daughters and myself were frightened and helpless as we observed the complex medical procedures that were being administered. Yet, as I tuned into my higher self, I could hear as I listened carefully to the small quiet voice within that was guiding me and strengthening me. I was able to speak to the nurses … Continue reading Love and Acceptance

Love is all there is

How do I begin this love story?………..I guess I will tell it from the beginning. Fifteen months ago, while taking a walk at sunset in the park I met a man who became the deepest love of my life. For three months we met and walked together…holding hands and listening to each other’s story. He told me about living in Colombia as a young boy and the cartels, drugs, murders and how he managed to escape that world and come to the United States. At first and many times during those first 3 months, I resisted the feelings that were growing inside of me. I told myself he’s too young, and he’s from a world that I know nothing about. Although our relationship would seem crazy to the outside world, our souls recognized each other. Our love and attraction intensified over time and I began to accept this gift of Love that God was giving to me., As the relationship grew more passionate and more intimate, I felt my heart open to a great healing of accepting and allowing love to fill my very being. I learned to be with him in the moment without any promise of a future. … Continue reading Love is all there is

Endings and New Beginnings

What an amazing year 2012 was! I lived in community, I lived in the forest, I traveled to Hawaii and Austin and Los Angeles. Completed the Leadership Program with Matthew and Terces of Cafe Gratitude, fell madly in love, made new friends, moved in with my daughter and grandkids, facilitated a workshop, and learned alot about myself. I even changed my name. It’s not legal yet, however my new name is Sophia Legend. That name came to me from Spirit and I happily accepted it. 2012 was a great year for my growth and spirituality. 2013 is taking off in a grand way………Many completions and endings and  a new beginning. For several months, I have prayed and waited patiently to receive guidance on my work and my next steps. During a retreat called Resting and Revisioning at a Meditation Center near where I live, the vision of this next stage of my work revealed itself to me. I must say I felt honored, excited and scared. That happened at the end of December. Also at the end of December, my love relationship ended. I have allowed myself to hold the love I feel for this man and at the same … Continue reading Endings and New Beginnings


I have been living in Fairfax for only a few weeks and each day I seem to love it more. When I arrived at my new home that I am subleasing for 3 months, I was extremely disappointed that the house had not been cleaned up to my standards. I began to doubt my choice and questioned my intuition. I asked myself, What was I thinking and why did I choose to move here? As I was questioning, I heard a small voice inside my head that said, Clean it with Love and Compassion and know that you are doing service. At first I was not happy as I started to clean each room. But soon I began to experience it as a cleansing and a purification and I could feel a deep shifting of the energy. As I purified the house with incense and sage, the house slowly began to respond and I could feel a sense of appreciation as if these rooms were communicating with me and letting me know that there was a consciousness here and was changing. There has been a transformation into light, love, caring and appreciation. I also inherited 2 cats when I agreed … Continue reading LISTENING TO SPIRIT