I woke up this morning feeling very awake, aware and alive.

Last night I watched a film about a young girl in her teens who was dying of leukemia. She was not only brave, she was wise and aware. In the movie, she was fully alive and lived her life fearlessly and in her truth of who she was until she dropped her body and traveled home to God.

Watching her express herself to her parents, her brother, her friend and the boy she grew to love was inspiring.  She lived her truth with love and a great passion to be who she was..

In watching this movie, I connected to my own life and how would I act if I had a terminal disease.  Would I be brave and fearless in expressing my authenticity, my true self? Then I asked myself what stops me from being fully who I am now…………Living openly, fearlessly in my own truth.

Sometimes I am like this young girl, living in who I really am.  Not being the person I was conditioned to be and then still I know there is so much more of my identity that calls out to be destroyed so I can be consciousness, awareness and pure being. Giving up wanting anything, needing nothing but God. Knowing that I am a child of God and I am here to remember who I am.  This may sound like  madness to some and to others like sanity.

I no longer crave or desire material things, only what I truly need. I no longer crave experiences, excitement or knowledge. I am on a path of letting go and allowing what I need to come without effort or desire. Seeing the perfection in all things.

Sometimes, Life doesn’t give me what I feel I want but  I am always given what I need in order to grow in awareness, to awaken, and to live in freedom, in joy, for who I am.

One day I too will drop my body and go home.   While I still have my body and my physicality I will be grateful for every day I am given by God’s grace……

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