About Sophia

2012-09-27 06.57.07Sophia Legend  combines a spiritual perspective with a practical approach leading her clients to living a more loving, joyous and fulfilling life. Her unique experience in following her guidance and spirit has led her to her intuitive ability to help people integrate aspects of themselves that may be out of harmony with the whole. She provides individual sessions in person and on the phone and facilitates workshops designed to open the heart and listen to the wisdom and guidance that lies within.  She successfully works with companies committed to building great places to work for their employees,  providing great services for their customers and substantial profits for their stakeholder while growing a sustainable thriving business.

Previously to  Access Greatness, Sophia was the founder of Authentic Communication Training. She consulted with businesses to build a workplace that empowered people to be more authentic and to communicate openly and honestly.  Increased energy and engagement resulted in higher productivity affecting a positive bottom-line and a great place to work for a large insurance company that credited significant growth to her guidance and coaching.

For over 15 years, she was the Vice President of Consulting Services for a global management company where she was an  executive coach, led leadership trainings and counselled  people in managing their career transition.

Sophia has been recognized by many of her clients for her intuitive ability to get to the heart of the matter. Her unique insights  delve into hidden realms of reality that create deep transformational shifts in perceptions. Clients feel released from old patterns and more able to see and experience new possibilities for their lives.

Sophia brings her wisdom and guidance to individuals and businesses through coaching, training, and leading transformational workshops.

Sophia lives in Santa Rosa, California.